Careers at spChips

Software/Firmware Engineers (all levels: entry level to Principle Engineers)

As a Software/Firmware Engineer for the WLAN Firmware and Software Engineering group at spChips, Inc., he/she will be responsible for defining and developing firmware development on WLAN Sensor SoC products ranging from Sensors to information devices for Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. She/he will work in a team to meet scheduled deadlines and efficiently use the development processes, tools, and development techniques required in a multi-product, platform codebase.

The Engineer should be energetic and enthusiastic and excited about wireless networking, network protocols and working closely with hardware.

  • The SW/FW Engineer will be involved in low level hardware bring-up and debugging of the firmware and network drivers for Linux/MacOS
  • He/She will develop the latest WLAN / Bluetooth Smart protocols. - Strong C programming skills necessary
  • Solid experience in wireless protocols, systems analysis, and underlying PHY and MAC, Linux internals such as device drivers, networking interfaces, QoS and the TCP/IP stack. Working for embedded domain
  • Knowledge of how to create small footprint embedded programs in a real-time, fast response , low powered operating environment.
  • Must have mastered the RTOS fundamentals, interrelationships between DMA engines, interrupts, Interrupt Handling, Global Interrupt Handling, Memory Virtualization, user/kernel space, race conditions and perimeter locking.
  • A strong knowledge of kernel configuration and build, packaging, install and initial system bring up including boot loading is also necessary.
  • Experience in taking part of software system architecture.
  • Knowledge in processor architecture and assembly language.
  • Knowledge of hardware interfaces like SPI, USB and I2C
  • JTAG and IDE debugging techniques.
  • Must have good communications skills and quick learning capability, willing to be involved in development efforts with our direct customers, helping in their design, development and debugging phases.

Required Experience

  • Understanding of state of the art FW development and test processes
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proven ability to create a comprehensive project plan, track it, and deliver to the plan
  • Minimum of 3 years FW development experience
  • Experience with complex codebases
  • Experience working across teams, other disciplines, and departments


  • Bachelors/Masters/PhD. Entry level to multiple years of experience required


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