Careers at spChips

RFIC/Analog IC Design Engineers (all levels: entry level to Principle Engineers)

As an RF/Analog IC Design Engineer at spChips, Inc., he/she will be responsible for implementing CMOS transceiver from specification to architectural and circuit blocks design. He/she will work in a team to meet scheduled deadlines, performing simulation and participate in layout and testing of the transceiver IC.

  • Need to have basic knowledge about communication systems
  • Need to have knowledge about tradeoffs among various transceiver architectures
  • Solid understanding in RF system design and tradeoffs
  • Solid understanding and design experience in RFIC such as LNA, mixer, PA, VCO, Integer/Fractional N PLL/frequency synthesizer in CMOS
  • Solid understanding and design experience in Analog IC such as various types of data converters (ADC/DAC, Nyquist and Oversampled), PGA, Filters (continuous/discrete time), and power management circuit such as LDO and DC/DC in CMOS
  • Must have basic IC layout skill and can work with custom IC layout designer in floor planning, running LVS/DRC and perform parasitic extraction for post layout simulation.
  • Test/debugging knowledge to devise test plan and design for testability.
  • Behavior modeling using Matlab/Simulink or VerilogA for analog/RF systems or blocks


  • Masters/PhD from entry level to multiple years of experience required


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